Do your job postings not only detail what the job responsibilities are, and the qualifications needed, but does it also include a paragraph, or two, that describe what your company does to make money? Something about how you’re the number one widget provider, the leading something to your industry, how many years you’ve been in business? If you are, you’re showing your age and lagging behind candidate expectations.

It’s time to delete those facts and figures from your job descriptions. Why? Two reasons, first, all of that information is readily available on your website, and any candidate worth screening will have visited your website to gather that information, and help develop questions to ask you during the screening or interview. The other, more important reason, is that this information is rarely the information that draws a well-qualified candidate to apply to your company.

Job seekers today want to know what it’s like to work for your company. What is the culture of the company? What is unique about the department? What perks does your company offer that no other does? What causes does your company support? Are you a company that allows flexibility and work-from-home options?

Set your company apart from all the others. Trust us, we’ve seen other companies adjust these paragraphs and quickly see the quantity and quality of applicants increase. If your job descriptions are looking a little tired, contact us to learn more about how a job description audit and tune-up can make a difference in your time to fill.