There is a lot of chatter about just how to attract Millennial candidates and enable their transformation into top contributors. Once you have a solid pipeline of content ready to attract Millennials, posting it on your company sites, handles, and properties is not enough.

Studies show that when a salesperson tells a potential buyer that their product is great, only a certain amount is believed by the prospect. If a co-worker, or better yet, a peer at another company says your product is great, the referral is taken much more seriously.

Turns out, it’s the same for telling candidates and potential candidates how great your company is to work for – if the company tells them, only a certain amount is believed. But if employees are ready and willing to share your content on their social media outlets, giving them the title “Employee Ambassadors”, you’ll attract more candidates and further establish your brand in the communities where you are hiring.

Studies have shown up to 90% of millennials don’t want to work for large companies. Need help defining what content is right to attract candidates to your company? Need more help setting up a social media employee ambassador program, we’d love to help!