Have you completed an analysis of which hires are staying with your company, and how many are leaving within their first 12 months? If you have done the analysis, what are you doing to fix it? If you haven’t yet done the analysis, be prepared to be shocked.

While many companies provide all sorts of materials about their company business resource groups, their inter-mural sports teams, and a host of other information on how your new employee can get involved with other employees, the fact is, most don’t self-join. Most, are invited by a new colleague that thinks of them as a new friend. Studies show that engaged employees are more likely to remain with their existing company.

How does this relate to a recruiter merry-go-round? Much like “churning customers”, “churning employees” is expensive. It’s time consuming for recruiters to refill positions when candidates leave a position before they are fully trained and highly productive. Not to mention how expensive it is for the hiring manager to start from scratch finding and training a new employee.

Megnetic Consulting has out of the box programs that can be implemented to reduce your early attrition by 60%. Interested? Contact us to get started.