The Intake Session – Why is it so important to spend the time up-front?

Whether you are the Hiring Manager or the Recruiter, when you have an opening to fill, most likely, it needs to be filled ASAP. Here at Megnetic Consulting, we believe using your time up-front to produce a job description that matches the skills and experience you are looking for in the idea candidate as well as ensure you have a gender-neutral job description are keys to attracting the right candidate.

What we find is critically important is the Intake Session between the Hiring Manager and the Recruiter. We’ve taken the time to write down the “best of the best” questions used by some of the best Recruiters in the country. As a Recruiter, you may already have these in your arsenal, but the beauty of this form is to have documented agreement with Hiring Manager about what they are looking for. In most cases, the Recruiter will find dozens of candidates that have the skills that you are looking for along with the past experiences required to be a successful candidate.

The Intake Framework created by Megnetic Consulting looks to find the right personality, soft skills and cultural fit to take your new department to the next level in this hire. What we see so frequently is a shortened Intake Session that follows with a recruiter conducting the much-needed phone screens, to put the perfect 3-5 candidates in front of the Hiring Manager, only to hear the Recruiter missed a “must have” piece the Hiring Manager was looking for. For both the Recruiter and the Hiring Manager, making this mistake can extend the hiring process by 10-14 days!

Take a minute and download Megnetic Consulting’s simple Intake Framework and start documenting your Intake Sessions – whether you’re a Hiring Manager or a Recruiter!

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