Are you getting the attention of the right candidates? Is the pipeline of applicants keeping up your demand to fill roles? Do you know the positions you most frequently fill? Is your messaging being heard on any of the outlets you are utilizing? We specialize in employment marketing, brand messaging, and retention strategy for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Branding & Strategy

A thoughtful approach to employer brand and messaging is critical in today’s highly competitive talent market. We believe that an effective strategy is built upon a thorough understanding of your business and hiring practices. A Megnetic engagement starts with the following foundational research:

  • Last 12 months hired and lost employee data analysis
  • Comprehensive online presence and perception audit
  • Research into what tools and processes your recruiting team is currently using
  • Review of your existing Employee Value Proposition (if available)
  • Examination of your Employee Engagement Survey to understand the company culture (if available)

Once the foundation research is understood by our staff, Megnetic will:

  • Develop unique messaging specific to your strengths, weaknesses, and competitors
  • Propose which social media properties should be utilized and with what messaging
  • Articulate a clear understanding on what results and return on investment is expected in your specific scenario. Typically, we see ROI when new hire attrition (those starting and leaving the company in the first 12 months) is significantly impacted by attracting the right candidates that want to work for your company. We also often see significant ROI with the reduction in contract recruiters and agency spend when utilizing our solutions.


We believe an effective hiring and retention program should be tightly coupled with technology. We’ll work with your organization to identify and implement solutions that will streamline your talent acquisition process and grow your candidate pipeline.

  • Keep track of past and future candidates. Which recruiter has talked to which candidate in the past, now, or in the future?
  • Sophisticated email campaigns to your prospective candidates with superior analytics (We leverage your talent communities to educate applicants and potential candidates what it’s like to work for your company). We see a 70% open rate on emails sent and 60% engagement rate)
  • Use technology at college and career fairs to go paperless and quickly update your candidate profiles
  • Reduce the number of phone screens by utilizing digitally recorded interviews
  • Utilize technology to ensure your job postings are gender neutral
  • Evaluate what candidates are available in the market your looking to place the position
  • Leverage your employees to perpetuate your company culture and values through social media


After Megnetic completes our foundational research, we can also offer custom solutions around how to significantly reduce attrition among your employee population. Programs range from a dedicated (or contract with us) employee with bi-monthly phone calls to connect with new employees, to interactive campaigns designed to engage new employees and understand what bumps they are experiencing while working for your firm.